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Intensive Driving Courses in Southampton

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Intensive Driving Courses in Southampton

If you are looking to learn to drive in a short period of time, then here at Crash Courses Driving School, our intensive / crash courses in the Southampton area are an ideal choice. Affordable and competitively priced, we have the perfect course for you, whatever your past driving experience.

Learning to drive in and around the historic port city of Southampton can be challenging, but whatever driving skills you need to learn or build on, there are plenty of places to go in and around Southampton to keep your intensive driving lessons interesting, and more importantly, fun!

An intensive driving course is a condensed version of the usual process of learning to drive, where instead of taking lessons with your instructor once a week, you can go out every day with longer driving sessions.  It's a completely safe way of learning how to drive, and is becoming increasingly popular with more and more learner drivers, who are looking to pass their driving test quickly.  

Practical Driving Tests in Southampton

Learner drivers have the option of two test centres in the Southampton area, being Forest Hills and Maybush. Both test centres are located on the outskirts of Southampton. Your driving test at either test centre will feature many diverse roads. Road types to be expected are rural village and country roads, high speed dual carriageway systems such as the A3024 and busy in-town and city driving in Southampton itself. Whichever test centre you choose, your intensive course will take place close to that area.

Southampton (Maybush)
Green Lane
SO16 9FP
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Southampton (Forest Hills)
Forest Hills Drive
SO18 2FY
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Need to pass your theory test? Try our theory test help course.
0333 355 0344

Theory Tests in Southampton

Southampton learner drivers have a new theory test centre which was opened in December 2018. There is even a bus stop right outside the theory test centre! Close by is the train station, so getting to the test centre should be easy. You can include your theory test as part of your chosen package for an extra fee - please ask one of our advisors for more details.

2nd Floor, South Suite
Anglo City House
2-6 Shirley Road
SO15 3EU
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